Just 3 simple steps to place your order

1. Photograph your art.

Before you can place your order you will need to photograph the art you would like to feature on your 19 Queens Gate pillow set. Click here for some simple instructions. Once you have taken your photo click, the “order form” tab.

2. Place your orders.

Place your orders and load one art image per pillow set. If you want multiple sets of the same art simply specify how many sets of pillows you desire at the bottom of the form.  If you would like to order multiple pillow sets with different art, return to the “order” page for each set with different art. Only one art is possible per pillow set.

3. Check out

Once you have placed your orders, you are ready to check out. You will be charged $150 per pillow set.

Enter your info, pay and your order is complete.

Your fabulous, custom pillows will arrive within 6 weeks.

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