We love our art, let’s live with it.

Now you can feature your art in the very fiber of your decor, literally coloring your life in a whole new and original way.  If you have a piece of art, or even a scribble created by you or your child, hidden away or just recently created, it’s time to set it free. Through textile printing and our design, 19 Queens Gate offers a fabulous, creative, luxury gift idea, as well as a fresh new way to display your individual creativity and style in your own home.

We cater to artists, photographers, and aspiring artists young and old.

Paint on the couch

We all love seeing what our children create, but it can be difficult to figure out how to best display these treasures. Picasso said, “We are born as artists. Somewhere along the line we get separated from that quality.” Nurturing the creative process makes our world a better place. So, maybe there is a new perspective on having paint on the couch, just let us help you put it there. Click to order your 19 Queens Gate pillow 

Natural printing process

Our fabrics are printed using eco friendly, water based inks on natural fiber textiles. No additional chemicals are used during the printing or preparation process.

MAYBE you think your art isn’t good enough!

Think again. Art is all about shapes and colors. Our creative team will highlight just the right details in your art and transform it into an astonishing decorative textile. Your art, together with 19 Queens Gate, will always result in a beautiful new creations. This is what 19 Queens Gate pillows are all about. So…never fear that your art isn’t good enough…19 Queens Gate’s magic is turning your gems into spectacular pillows you want to live with or give proudly as gifts.

A few sample 19 Queens Gate pillow sets

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